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I was born in 1977 in a family of 13 people. But one died and still alive are 12 together. I was born in Jinja, Uganda. During the regime of Milton Obote and Idi Amin Dada, my late father William Nakhisa Amutala worked first as commandant of Luzira maximum prison, then rose to the rank of director general of Armory before the fall of the nation.

My grandfather was a Muslim who established mosques in Western Kenya. During the colonial period under British rule, he a paramount chief who worked under Nabongo Mumia of Wanga who ruled a vast land from stretching from Jinja, Uganda to Naivasha (Western Kenya-Western province, Nyanza province and Rift valley province). Nabongo Mumia’s great grandson is the president of Atheism in Kenya.


My grandfather had 40 wives and over 200 children; sons and daughters, most of whom are Muslims today. Before death, my father, William Nakhisa gave his life to Christ Jesus. My mother’s father, John Waswa Senyenge as well as my father’s mother, Fatuma Mukhwana gave their lives to Christ Jesus before their death.


I led them to the Lord Jesus Christ then baptized them in much water (total immersion) because I was already a saved Christian, practicing preacher.  I believe they are in heaven as the redeemed of God by the blood of Jesus Christ.

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