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I have encountered both good and bad on mission, ministry. I have learned like Paul the apostle, to say that I can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens me. It is not by my own effort but by the grace of God that I am able to do ministry work.

I have always asked God to stablish my heart as one way of molding and shaping my character to be like Christ who grew in wisdom and great stature and had favor with God and men.


Sometimes, my heart breaks, but God is there immediately to revive me. Moving from places to places sometimes attract evil men who want to extort money from travelers. The crossing borders points, being centres of violent people, robbers, and murderers.

In the year 2015 while crossing Kenya Busia/Uganda border two men armed with pistols took me hostage until all the monies I had were stolen. They also took my international Passport and National Identity card, but when I pleaded with them they returned them.


God mysteriously and miraculously has provided for my fare to and fro. Of late, God has touched a missionary in the United States of America, Pastor John Kincaid to come to my support by sending money for the first time making mission activities a success.


I believe that the God of the harvest will send in more workers and givers to support this work. What a wonderful God we serve. Lack of money and resources in general is a major hazard to ministry activities. Money changers too extort money from travelers at the crossing border points; they steal money, so you have to be very careful.


Lastly, pride can develop as a result of the glory, justification, sanctification that God has done in your life. This can be Satan’s ploy to bring you down. So you must be very careful and prayer, always repenting and soaking yourself in the blood of the Lamb of God.


The devil can cause you to feel insignificant or cause you to lack concern for people or for spiritual growth. Impatience and lack of knowledge cause poor-quality workmanship.


The devil can cause selfishness because of success (not sharing glory with those under you), blame-shifting when things go wrong, discouragement and frustration when goals are not met, anger and mistreatment of those who disagree with your plans, lack of concern for people, lack of spiritual growth, and wrong motives.


Lack of education thus language barrier to the people you are preaching to and teaching. Also poverty plays a major role of hindrance to the mission activities. Another barrier is diseases in the mission centres and mortality rate is high. Lack of health facilities contribute greatly to mission failure as well as lack of water/shortage, poor housing facilities and population pressure.

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