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Welcome to Peace In Believing Ministries!

Introducing Pastor Davis Juma    

Devotional Lessons:

Sunday School Series (Lesson 3122)

Tough Questions (Lesson 3079)

Prodigal Son (Lesson 3041)

Noah's Ark/The Flood (Lesson 2976)

Patriarchs: Abraham-Isaac-Jacob-Joseph, Genesis 12-50 (Lesson 2758)

Prayer; Sermon on the Mount; Revelation

Ephesians Chapter 6            Usefulness/Philemon

Ephesians Chapters 3-4          Ephesians Chapters 4-5

Fruit of the Spirit: Joy, Self-Control, Faithfulness, Peace, Patience (Lesson 701)

Book of Ephesians - Begin at Lesson 2213

Handel's Messiah: Bringing Scripture to Life - Begin at Lesson 2090

The History of Christmas Series - Begin at Lesson 2060

The Jesus Series: Thankful; Which Books Belong in the Bible? What is the Trinity? Is Jesus God? Why Do We Pray in Jesus' Name? - Begin at Lesson 2024

The History of Easter Series - Begin at Lesson 1969

Handel's Messiah: Download Notes, Color Slides, Scriptures

Book of James - Begin at Lesson 1645

Book of Esther - Begin at Lesson 1520

Book of Daniel - Begin at Lesson 955

Holiness-Godliness-Usefulness - Begin at Lesson 1

We seek to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the 4 main ministries pictured above:

Bible: giving copies of God's Word to new believers, children, inmates, whoever needs a Bible. We can't do what God says unless we know what God says.

Teaching: small group Bible studies, daily email devotionals, Sunday School. Spirit-filled teachers who prepare diligently, explaining Scripture with Scripture, lessons soaked in prayer, with a balance of doctrine and practical application.

Prison: In 2012, God called John Kincaid to teach the Bible weekly to inmates. His lessons appear under the Devotions menu. Other ministry partners on our team also teach inmates.

Church: worship, preaching, music, fellowship, service inside and outside the walls (including missions). The open red door signifies that all are welcome to come in, and all are encouraged to carry the light of Christ out into the world.

Welcome our new ministry partner in western Kenya, Pastor Davis Juma !


See Devotions Menu

Book of James

Begin at Lesson 1645

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